The Flexitarian Feast

two home cooks trying to eat more plants

Who Are We?

About Eliz

Eliz Roser is a former project manager and current stay at home mom of two. She lives in NE Portland, and loves grocery shopping alone, messy kid art projects, and a clean kitchen. She also writes a weekly meal plan newsletter (signup here!). Eliz prefers to use cookbooks over online recipes, and has way too many in her collection. You can follow her on Instagram @itselizzz

About Michelle

Michelle Flook is a Portland transplant who loves reading, eating, sewing, and lounging. She lives in NE Portland with her husband who has never complained about anything she has ever cooked. A self-proclaimed “Cool Aunt,” she has five nephews who are cooler than she ever will be. When not working on this podcast you can find her absorbed in a book in the sun (when it’s shining), figuring out what recipes to cook (admitted recipe hoarder/addict), or planning a new sewing project (has plenty of fabric but is scared to cut it up). Michelle could eat burritos every day of her life and not be mad about it, but also is not a big fan of leftovers. Recently she has been brewing her own Jun Kombucha, and loves feeling like a mad scientist every week coming up with flavors to try. You can follow Michelle’s adventures on Instagram @shesagiant and @meeshreads

Cookbooks We Love

Blogs We Love

Our Fave Kitchen Tools

About TQI Sound

TQI Sound is a platform for the audio works of Matthew Flook, acting as a sound design & film score licensing house, production & mixing studio, and a label to numerous connected music projects. Following a humble start crafting scores for local Portland filmmaking team Monsieur Soeur, the TQI portfolio has grown with additional collaborations in visual and audio mediums, now including podcast production, engineering, and editing.

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