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Beach House Food

Episode 10

February 26, 2020

Thank you so much for joining us!
In this episode we talk about beach house food, or any vacation rental! What to bring, what to cook, and some tips to make it easier.

Our fave kitchen tools to bring to a vacation rental

  • Your favorite knife or a knife sharpener
  • Cutting board
  • Extra dish towels
  • French Press or Pourover Coffee making device + your fave coffee
  • Stop at the store to buy some premade cookie dough for fresh a baked cookie treat!
  • Foil for easy clean up, and ziploc bags for saving food

Our best rental house meal ideas

  • Nachos! Do it in the microwave to make it super easy!
  • Pick up a Papa Murphy's pizza on the way!
  • Grab food on the way and order extra to have leftovers to eat!
  • Assemble a lasagna or other casserole ahead of time, and bake at the house!
  • Soup or chili--make ahead and freeze it and put it in a cooler bag for traveling! Pick up some cornbread mix or a nice loaf of bread to have with it!
  • Or, stop at the store and pick up some simple soup ingredients: broth, onion, whatever veggies, and go wild!
  • Make some muffins ahead of time and bring those for easy breakfasts!
  • Don't forget lots of snacks!

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We hope you will join us next time when we will be talking about Grocery Shopping!

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